PotsDOCK Extreme Deluxe Anti-Pirateria

La solución anti-piratería PotsDOCK Extreme, utiliza un Beam Iridium 9575 y un auricular Iridium Extreme para proporcionar una instalación completa del paquete para una lucha contra la piratería que permite comunicaciones de emergencia y mensahes SOS para ser enviado si está bajo amenaza.

PotsDOCK Extreme Physical Dimensions

Dimensions mm inches
Dock 82.2W x 212H x 75.9D 3.24W x 8.35H x 2.99D
Outer Box 140W x 330H x 125D 5.51W x 13.0H x 4.92D
Weight kg lbs
Dock 0.45 1.0
Box 1.54 3.4


PotsDOCK Extreme Connectors/Interfaces

Alarm Mode Normally-Closed’ Loop IN to OUT Up to 50m cable run / multiple buttons in series. Brown wire is Input,Green wire is Output.
RJ11/POTS RJ11 connector / 2-wire, up to 600m. Auto Impedance – or country selectable. Adjustable Dial & Busy Tones. Ringer output 56Vrms, 5REN load. Adjustable Ringer Frequency / Cadence
Privacy Handset (Line In/Out) 4-pole 3.5mm jack, ground referenced in/out with cup-switch. In biased with ~2Vdc via 2k2. Out 40mW power into 16-32Ω.
Data Port (USB) USB Mini-B 5-pin female (USB Slave). USB 2.0 compliant, CDC Serial profile
Alarm (Alert) Loop 1 input, 1 output.
Power Cable 4-way Microfit socket. +Vin, 0V (GND), and ACC (On/Off Sense). 9-32VDC tolerant. ACC sense: High(1) > +7Vdc and < +32Vdc Low (0) 0V < +5Vdc


PotsDOCK Extreme Environmental Specifications

Temperature Degrees °C Degrees °F
Charging Temp. Range 0°C to 45°C 32°F to 113°F
Operating Range – PotsDOCK -20°C to +70°C -4°F to +158°F
Operating Range – Extreme Handset -10°C to +55°C -50°F to +131°F
Storage Temperature -30°C to +85°C -22°F to +185°F
Operating Humidity Range < 85% RH non-condensing


PotsDOCK Extreme

Buttons on Dock Bluetooth
Track Button / Alert 2 button press
Mute / Ringer
Physical Dimensions 200 x 75 x 65mm
Operating Range: -30°C to +70°C
Storage: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: <- 93% RH
Quality Professional Industrial design
2 Peace of mind with a Replacement Guarantee
100% factory tested
Fully certified, Inmarsat, RoHS, CE, EMC, & C Tick


BEAM Covert Dual Mode Antenna

Physical Dimensions Height – 250mm (9.84”)
Diameter – 150mm 5.90”
Weight – 1.1kg (2.42lbs)
Physical Specifications High quality Marine enclosure
Passive antenna
Temp Range
-40°C to + 71° C
Pole / Mast mounting
Omni directional


RST060 UPS Battery Pack Physical Specifications

Dimensions mm inches
Dimensions 147 x 38 x 133 5.8 x 1.5 x 5.25
Weight kg lbs
Unit Weight 0.8 1.9


RST060 UPS Battery Pack Environmental Specifications

Temperature Degrees °C Degrees °F
Operating Usage Temperature 0°C to -40°C 32°F to -104°F



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